Bend It Like Beckham

Bend It Like Beckham StillsWith January winding down to a close, I am feeling my New Year’s resolutions beginning to crumble already… What could be better to reignite my get-fit regime than one of the peppiest, funniest, and sportiest films I’ve seen? Bend It Like Beckham is one of my favourites, and one I come back to time and time again. If you haven’t seen it – watch it. Unlike the title suggests, you don’t need to know one thing about football to appreciate this truly British comedy about growing up and finding your way. Plus it is definite motivation to start sports, or just get down to the gym (that is one flat stomach Keira…)! The great soundtrack provides excellent backing for a workout – I always put on Basement Jaxx ‘Red Alert’ when I feel my energy levels dwindling.

The actual sports kit the football girls wear may not be amazing, but if you take inspiration from the bold colours of the saris, and combine it with practical pieces, you can create a bright gym look that you’ll want to show off!

Zoom in on:

  • Bright colours
  • Flattering shapes
  • Comfortable fabrics

Fashion from Bend It Like Beckham

For the film: 5/5

For the fashion: 3/5


2 thoughts on “Bend It Like Beckham

  1. I actually find that buying super bright workout clothes like you’ve posted motivates me to keep up with my fitness routine throughout the year, especially during the academic year rolls around and I’d really rather just sleep! Awesome post 🙂

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