Moulin Rouge – Valentine’s Inspiration


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s a range of emotions going around: excitement, anticipation, dread… But whether you are in a relationship or not, Moulin Rouge is one of the ultimate romantic films and a great idea for a night in with your partner, or friends. Plus, the costumes provide excellent inspiration for that show-stopping outfit for a big date, or a girl’s night out.

As with Les Misérables, Moulin Rouge contains more Hollywood stars singing their hearts out and requires a man-sized box of tissues. On the other hand, the bright lights of the show and Baz Luhrmann’s hedonistic aesthetic create a feast for the senses, and the film is peppered with comedy, as well as amazing reinterpretations of well-known songs (my favourite being Ewan McGregor’s version of ‘Your Song’). It follows the trials of a young writer (McGregor) and Moulin Rouge star Satine (Nicole Kidman) as they fall in love, set against the background of Bohemian Paris, an evil Duke, and a giant elephant…

Nicole Kidman has a decadent wardrobe throughout, and Satine is perfect inspiration for revealing your seductive side for the 14th! My favourite costume has to be the red, satin gown – prepare to be envious…

Zoom in on:

  • Sultry colours
  • Dramatic shapes
  • Sparkles
  • Parisian charm


For the film: 5/5

For the fashion: 5/5


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