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jemWell this is very off topic, but I’d like to ask a little favour of all you film and fashion lovers… My friend Jem (who is awesome and lovely) is in the running for an amazing opportunity as an MTV intern – but she needs our help! She’s one of the finalists, but now it is down to our votes…

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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Stills

I love Baz Luhrmann films, so was very excited for his new adaptation of The Great Gatsby – and who better to direct a film of excess, passion, and heartbreak? The hype has been building for ages about this film, and everyone seems to be swept away by Gatsby-fever (myself included), and believe me, Luhrmann delivers. This film is a visual feast, with each scene full to the brim with gorgeous details – from the costumes to the settings, The Great Gatsby immerses you in an age of precarious decadence, with the lights of Gatsby’s castle reaching out to the hellish Valley of Ashes. The cast are also stellar – Leo is exactly how I imagine Jay Gatsby, and the unexpected touches of humour he brings to the role give the film touching charm. I’m writing this whilst listening to the incredible soundtrack which has been on repeat since Friday… My highlights are definitely Florence + The Machine’s Over the Love, as well as Fergie’s ridiculously catchy A Little Party Never Killed Nobody.

Based on one of the most glamorous periods, with Tiffany’s jewellery, and collaborations with Prada, The Great Gatsby has pieces that can be stared at for hours. The incredible amount of work into Daisy’s dress for Gatsby’s party earned it the nickname of ‘chandelier dress’ – apparently it was so heavy that Carey had to put Party Feet cushions on her shoulders in between takes! This is definitely the time to invest in an embellished flapper dress, and there are so many beautiful ones out there on the high street, and in vintage shops, which they will get you so many compliments at summer garden parties… Another of my favourite looks from the film is when Daisy visits Gatsby’s house for the first time – the scarf around her hair is very chic, and can easily be worn today with jeans.

Zoom in on:

  • Heavy embellishment
  • Hair accessories
  • Nudes
  • Ruffles
  • Drop waists

The Great Gatsby Fashion

For the film: 5/5

For the fashion: 5/5