Frances Ha


Frances Ha is the only black and white film I’ve watched in a while – and it’s pretty beautiful. Given that most films nowadays are shot with bright colours, special effects, and maybe some 3D, I was a bit worried that I’d find the black and white disconcerting, but within seconds I’d completely forgotten. Telling the story of 20-something Frances (the talented Greta Gerwig) living in New York, Frances Ha brilliantly captures her struggles to become an official grown up: dealing with constant money worries, finding somewhere to settle down, and turning her love of modern dance into an actual career. It also explores the world of female friendships, including how relationships, traumas, and salary can all create divisions. The script, co-written by Gerwig and director Noah Baumbach, is witty and pertinent – although Frances’ ability to blurt out the wrong thing can make you cringe, we’ve all been there…


Although you can only imagine the colours of Frances’ clothing, her style is an indie mix of ditzy florals, check shirts, and layers. Her looks can definitely provide inspiration for daytime casual cool, and her shearling jacket would be a great addition to any winter wardrobe. Team with a messy bun and a strong brow for the perfect outfit for struggling with your quarter-life crisis…

Zoom in on:

  • Floral dresses
  • Oversized jackets
  • Layered shirts
  • Relaxed accessories

frances ha

For the film: 4/5

For the fashion: 2/5


The Bling Ring

Bling Ring Stills

The Bling Ring is another stylishly shot flick from Sofia Coppola, but, although it was glossier than Paris Hilton’s lips, I wouldn’t rush to see it again. Based on the real life story of Hollywood’s teen burglars, The Bling Ring follows new boy Marc (Israel Broussard) as his friendship with celebrity-obsessed Rebecca (Katie Chang) leads him into a wild life of break-ins, drugs, clubbing, and designer sunglasses. Unfortunately, once you get the initial exciting feeling that you’re raiding a superstar’s closet, the film has little more to give. Although we get a glimpse at the main characters’ motivation, a little more backstory may have made it easier to empathise with them. Emma Watson is probably the highlight of this film, delivering some wonderfully un-Hermione lines, and looking like you’ve never seen her before.

Based around the glamorous belongings of the LA elite, this film was bound to have some pretty lust-worthy pieces – Paris Hilton’s shoe closet is just beyond ridiculous. Think big heels, big shades and little dresses. Here are my picks for achieving your own Hollywood Hills look, without doing time.

Zoom in on:

  • Luxurious accessories
  • Glamorous dresses
  • Dressed up basics

The Bling Ring Fashion

For the film: 3/5

For the fashion: 4/5