The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street film stillsIt’s hard to know what to say about The Wolf of Wall Street: amazing and terrifying, hilarious and deeply unsettling, it will have you hooked all the way till the end. It may be three hours long, but you won’t want to miss a minute. The most disconcerting part is DiCaprio’s portrayal of Jordan Belfort, who is just so loathsome, and yet, somehow you are rooting for him to come out on top, to have just one more trick up his Armani sleeve. If this role doesn’t get him an Oscar, I don’t know what will. Not a film for the faint-hearted, The Wolf of Wall Street rattles through drugs, sex, and more drugs at an alarming pace. The effects of this unbelievable excess are presented with such fantastic direction by Scorsese that they are both comic and incredibly traumatic, producing scenes that will stay with me for a long time. This film is a juggernaut – incredible cast, engrossing story, and impeccable production.

The 80s Wall Street power suit is in full force – for today, pair exaggerated shoulders with a slim leg and a killer heel. Margot Robbie also looks stunning throughout as Belfort’s love interest, Naomi, in bold body-con dresses and luxurious leather and silk. Team with a chicly messy chignon and you’ll look a million dollars – no stock brokers required.

Zoom in on:

  • Sharp tailoring 
  • Shots of bold colour
  • Luxe accessories 
  • A little bit OTT

The Wolf of Wall Street fashion


For the film: 5/5

For the fashion: 4/5


American Hustle

American Hustle film stillsThe nominations for this film are rolling in, and it is really one to watch at the Golden Globes tonight. An enthralling film based around the difficult relationship between con man Irving (Christian Bale) and his lover and partner-in-crime Sydney (Amy Adams), as they deal with intense FBI agent DiMaso (Bradley Cooper) and Irving’s unpredictable wife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence). Combining a profound look at human nature and love, with slick tricks and twists, as well as great comedic moments, American Hustle is much more than the usual heist film. The acting is truly first-rate; I was particularly impressed with Adams’ switches between Sydney and her English alter-ego, as well as Lawrence’s erratic housewife.

American Hustle has some stunning wardrobe choices (as well as some shocking hairstyles – Cooper in rollers and Bale’s very particular comb-over are especially memorable). Amy Adams is hardly seen without a plunging neckline, and there are some spectacularly glamorous coats. To give your day look a 70s twist, add a floppy hat and gold chain to jeans and plain t-shirt. For the evening, American Hustle provides great inspiration for over-the-top glitz – pair a statement dress in sequins or a bold colour with a luxurious faux-fur jacket. Finish off with big bouncy hair, and some amazing 70s tunes

Zoom in on:

  • Plunging necklines
  • Glamorous accessories
  • Sequins
  • Faux-fur

American Hustle fashion


For the film: 5/5

For the fashion: 5/5

Blue Jasmine

Blue Jasmine film stills

Woody Allen’s latest offering follows Cate Blanchett as Jasmine, a high society wife who finds her life turned upside-down after her husband’s dodgy business dealings are revealed. Through this it cleverly works in elements of the financial crisis, including its effect on her sister Ginger (flawlessly played by Sally Hawkins), as well as debating what happiness really is as we watch Jasmine struggle to re-enter the world of work and love. Comic and unsettling, Blanchett gives a wonderfully nuanced performance as a woman on the verge of total breakdown whilst still trying to prove that she is better than everyone else. She is backed by an amazing supporting cast: Alec Baldwin is great as the slick business man, fooling his wife with diamonds in one hand and a mistress behind her back, and Louis C.K. and Bobby Cannavale are particularly funny as Ginger’s romantic entanglements. A wonderfully charming, but thought-provoking film, I expect it will clean up in awards season – Blanchett and Hawkins definitely deserve nominations.

Jasmine’s designer wardrobe is best seen during her flashbacks and her fling with Dwight (Peter Sarsgaard). A classic palette of monochrome and pastels in tailored cuts, it’s great inspiration for upgrading your workwear. A large leather tote bag will be your new best friend – so much space, and will go with anything. Add some luxe accessories like metallic heels and sparkling wrist candy to finish the look – as most of us can’t quite afford Jasmine’s incredible diamonds, opt for crystals.

Zoom in on:

  • Classic pieces
  • Luxurious accessories
  • Pastel touches
  • Elegant cuts

Blue Jasmine fashion


For the film: 5/5

For the fashion: 3/5


Hitchcock Stills

Following the ups and downs of the marriage of Alfred and Alma Hitchcock during the making of Psycho, this film benefits from outstanding performances from Helen Mirren as Hitchcock’s vivacious and sharp wife, and Anthony Hopkins portraying the eccentric director. Although I can’t tell how true to life the film is, the cast certainly persuade you that this is how it all happened – including that infamous shower scene. It may not be as full of suspense and twists as Psycho itself (which if you haven’t watched, you must do), but Hitchcock does show the difficulties of an ageing partnership, temptation, and the search for something original against a backdrop of censorship and doubt, with a script full of wit and truth.

With over 10 nominations so far, this film is well worth a watch, as are the late 50s costumes. Scarlett Johansson oozes glamour as Psycho’s star Janet Leigh with pencil skirts, blonde curls, and a gorgeous cream evening dress. The lady-like accessories and tailored shapes provide great inspiration for a work or evening look, and could be dressed-down for day-time by swapping a blouse for a t-shirt.

Zoom in on:

  • Pencil skirts
  • Structured accessories
  • Hourglass shapes
  • 50s glamour

Hitchcock Fashion

For the film: 4/5

For the fashion: 4/5